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Over The Tops designer fashion figure skating socks and footwear

The world's first designer figure skating sock


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the world's first designer figure skating sock.

created by a skater,

for every skater.

Fashion and function, at it's finest.

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Want to learn even more about the benefits of switching to Over The Tops? Click HERE to read the story of OTT Apparel's Owner and Founder- Lifelong figure skating professional Megan Nordle!

-OVer the tops-

the world's first designer figure skating sock, providing superior comfort, performance, and design to the feet of figure skaters everywhere.

Our mission at OTT Apparel

is to empower and embrace being 'over the top' in everything you do: to reach farther, push harder, smile bigger, laugh louder, and stand out, always and all ways, by being uniquely YOU. We want to be a reminder to those who wake up every day in pursuit of being better than they were yesterday, that greatness comes in many different shapes, sizes, and patterns... so, whatever you are, boldly be the best one you can be, and never blend in. Be Over The Top. #ProudToBeOTT.