These are 'Over The Tops'- the world's first designer figure skating sock!

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Welcome to the home of Over The Tops!

  OTT's are the world's first designer figure skating sock! These socks are constructed to keep your feet warm and dry inside your boot, while keeping the outside looking cool and unique!

  We design and manufacture Over The Tops in the United States, right here in NYC. The concept and design came from the mind of the owner of Over The Tops Apparel, LLC Megan Nordle. (That's me!)

  I was quite literally born on the ice. Growing up with a mother who is a life long figure skater and skating club director, my upbringing was more on the ice than any other place. While I loved every minute of it, and am humbly aware of my involvement on the ice being a key factor in the development of the woman I am today, there were always some elements of the sport that bothered me. I never understood the rather antiquated idea of having to fit a cookie-cutter mold in skating. (Keep in mind, this was more than 15 years ago, and thankfully there have been huge strides in modernizing the sport since then!)

  Sure, every skater admires Nancy Kerrigan's all-american girl approach and timeless style. And who will ever forget the magic of Michelle Kwan, embodying grace and genuine joy in every performance on, and off, the ice!  After 10 years of a highly competitive figure skating career, and 5 years of coaching, choreographing, and performing, all before turning 18, I was still feeling stifled. 

  It wasn't until I finished my degree in Modern Dance Performance from the University of the Arts, that I felt re-inspired to approach skating with whole new eyes. I skate differently than many, I coach differently than most, I choreograph with the mindset of a dancer on ice, and the main lesson I have learned from an extensive education, and lifelong experience, in multiple forms of movement is : passion, originality, dedication, and comfort in your skin create the most successful kinds of people. And skaters are people, first and foremost.

The 'Why':

 I created Over The Tops to correct the major problems with the current options on the market. Let's get the most common and uncomfortable one out of the way: smelly skates. I always preferred to skate barefoot, but within a few weeks of 8hrs a day/5 days a week of skating and coaching, my skates started to smell like steamed broccoli. Not cute.

  So then I tried what I figured would be the next best option- something thin: dress socks, nylons from the drugstore, even the traditional skating tights made by the singular company that manufactures tights specific for skaters. The dress socks made my skates even worse- the cotton absorbed sweat, and made my feet cold almost immediately. Being on the ice every day, my skates never had time to dry out after wearing a cotton blend sock, not to mention how quickly they absorb scent and bacteria!

  The nylons felt reminiscent of barefoot skating which I liked, but I had to replace them every week due to tearing. Additionally, the thin weave of the nylon and the friction it caused while my foot moved slightly in my boot, caused my callouses to grow and my feet became dry and uncomfortable.

  Finally, I went to the one company on the market that sells figure skating specific tights. They offer two basic products: socks and full length tights. They come in two colors: black and tan. The price was astronomical for what was essentially a slightly thicker nylon than what I was purchasing for a fraction of the cost at the corner store; though slightly more durable. Even less enjoyable were the full length tights with a waist band that just never seemed to fit comfortably. Plus the hassle and discomfort of trying to get them on and off when it came to getting ready... at 5am, ain't nobody got time for that.

 The 'How':

So here's where I came up with the concept of Over The Tops:

 I wanted to create a product that offered the best of all options, rolled into one: the feel of your foot in the boot, a durable product that can enhance the health of your foot, something that is simple to get on and off, and has more than two colors on the spectrum to offer.

  Over The Tops are designed in a very unique way. The foot sleeve of the sock is made out of a dual-stretch, sweat resistant lycra. The material provides enough thickness to be warm without feeling stuffed in your boot, due to our one-of-a-kind sleeve like design that sits tight enough to your foot to eliminate moisture and cold air pockets from building. The seam of the sock alone is entirely original. I always wore my skating tights inside out to avoid irritation in my boot from the seam on the toe. Our patent pending OTT's feature a seam on the outside of the sock, rather than poking at your toes on the inside. It travels down the inside of your arch, making it virtually undetectable. The material we use to make the sock foot provides enough protection from rubbing and chaffing and blistering, to literally reverse years of even the most abused feet. 

And that's just the part that you feel, but don't see.

What makes Over The Tops perfect for you:

  What makes Over The Tops a truly unique product is that it is the first functional and fashionable skating sock out there. Once your foot is snug and secure in your OTT's and placed in the boot, you simply lace up your skates normally and pull the design printed on the inside of the sock 'over the top' of your boot (get it?!) down to the heel, revealing a representation of you beyond just white or black boots. Not only does it give some flare, pop of color, sleek shine, fun design, and a whole new way to express yourself on the ice, it also creates an even longer line of the leg to enhance extensions!

Over the Tops skating socks are functional and fashionable!

  Over The Tops are the perfect skating sock for all levels and disciplines. Beginner skaters- kids and adults, can stay on the ice longer with less pain in their feet. Recreational - high level competitive skaters can find new ways to express themselves by mix-and-matching practice outfits, have a more durable product that will save money for more ice time, rather than buying new foot tights all the time, lengthen the life time of his or her boots, and make your legs look extra long! Coaches can enjoy OTT's knowing they can stand on the ice for 4+ hours and not get ice-block feet! Plus, coaches get stuck wearing black a lot... who says the Pro's can't have a little fun too!

  I could talk and talk about how much this product has changed the way I feel and look in my skates, but you're going to just have to try them for yourself to find out! We are a small business that is committed to changing the way boots look and feel forever. If you aren't blown away by OTT's, simply email me (it goes to my personal email so I can have a quicker response time!) and I will not rest until you are satisfied!

  Here's to revolutionizing the way we look and feel in boots forever!

Never stop moving.

Be well,

Megan Nordle

Founder, Owner, Designer, Lifelong Skater


  • Michelle Tanner

    How do I order these?

  • Ann Howsrd


    We LOVE ❤️ our new OTTs!!!!!
    The quality feels great, shipping was so fast and they are SO glittery!! Thank you!!!

  • Lesley Calder

    Thanks for getting back to me.
    My daughter and granddaughter both skate. These socks look so cool… they would both love a pair.
    We live in north ayrshire in Scotland.
    Do you post to UK at all
    Regards lesley

  • Lesley Calder

    How do I order these please

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