About Over The Tops

The world's first designer figure skating sock, created by a lifelong skater, to offer a product with superior comfort, durability, and style to the traditional footwear choices for skaters.  

Over The Tops are made in the USA (New York, NY) of high quality, 4-way stretch, sports material that fits snugly to the foot, eliminating both moisture and air pockets without feeling bulky. While traditional tights are thin, tear easily, and provide minimal comfort, OTT's are constructed to last for over 100 hours of on-ice wear, offering a luxuriously smooth fit and feel.
Most tights and sports socks have an irritating seam at the toe that is bothersome to coaches and skaters of all levels, and can cause discomfort in the nail beds of the toes.  Over The Tops feature a patent-pending, uniquely designed seam that is nearly undetectable, providing skaters and coaches with unparalleled comfort and fit.  In the figure skating world, boot construction and blade design have improved for better fit and performance. Choreography and technical elements are becoming more artistically expressive and difficult.  Skaters worldwide are training and excelling at elite levels.  Despite these advances, the options for footwear remain stagnant and outdated.
 Unlike our traditional tights that come in only two or three varieties of color, Over The Tops claim their fame via their exclusive, bold design and fashionable aesthetic. Featuring prints on the inside of the sock's neck, OTT's are crafted to fold over the top of the boot to reveal one of many unique and eye-catching designs, instantly giving the skater a customized look. Additionally, this function protects against surface wear and tear to expensive skating boots, and keeps laces safely tucked.
Their exceptional design continues to impress beyond the rink, as OTT's transition seamlessly from the ice to the street; they make a colorful and one-of-a-kind accessory to any sneaker, shoe, or low-cut boot!   
Over The Tops have revolutionized the monotonously mundane world of traditional skating tights by providing better technology, performance, and design than any other option on the market.  They deliver quality, comfort, and style while keeping pace with advancements in our sport, providing the uniqueness, artistic flair and individualism that all skaters seek.  
They truly are “over the top”!